National Winners



Postduiven voor de marathon van het luchtruim



Kruidbos Pigeons have been selected of the best Dutch marathon strains there exist. These strains were built by Pigeon fanciers of the outmost level within the discipline of morning released long distance racing.

Dirk Bakker & Son Portugaal


Bakker and Son build their loft with pure Van der Wegen pigeons. They made furor on the morning released Marathon flights (ZLU) and won dozens of National prizes and even became triple National winners of Perpignan:


1e Nationaal Pau (hens) 1992

1e Nationaal Perpignan 1994

1e Nationaal Perpignan 2010

Hagens Bros Achthuizen


These well-known brothers build their loft with some of the outmost long distance performers made by Jan Theelen, VD Weerdt Bros, Van Doorn Bros and Bruggeman Bros. They are well known by their Barcelona performances, but next to that Hagens Bros already won four times a National Title on the extreme long distance races:


1e Inat. Perpignan 1996

1e Inat. Tarbes 1998

1e Inat. Barcelona hens 1999

1e Nat. St.Vincent 2001.

Jan Polder Middelharnis

Jan Polder is a paramount in the West European long distance racing pigeon sport. His loft is built upon the famous Jan Aarden strain as well as van Wanroy strain. Polder became these pigeons mainly by Jac Steketee (Bruinisse) and has been succesfull ever since he started with these birds in 1985. Within a very short time he won a 3 th National Barcelona, 5 th as well as 9 th National MNarseille, 8 th National Perpignan and 9 th National San Sebastian.


He claimed the following 1 st National titles:

1e National Marseille 2014 (Annemarie).

1e National St. Vincent (2005) en 7e National St. Vincent 2004 (Victoria).

1e international ace Pau 1998 - 2002 (Husky).

1e National ace Barcelona 1995 -1997 (Witstaart, Golden Barcelona pigeon ZLU 1995 - 1997).

1e national ace Pau 2004 - 2005 - 2006 (Black Magic Woman).


Klip - Verhagen Rotterdam


The late combination Klip - Verhagen became famous in the Netherlands by performing very well with strains of Marcel Braakhuis (Aarden x Stichelbout), A.P. Overwater (Strijen), Thei Hermans and Neerbos and Son. Next to a long list of prizes on the National list they won two National Titles:


1e Nat. champion overnight marathon.

1e Nat. champion (category 3) Fondspiegel .



De mand selecteert maar spelen is zilver en kweken goud.

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