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Postduiven voor de marathon van het luchtruim

Jan Polder Middelharnis




With a strain based on Jan Aarden and Jef van Wanroy, Jan Polder placed himself in line with Ko Nipius, Piert vd Slik (1 st National Barceona), Joep van Dongen and Vroegindeweij Bros who all placed Middelharnis on the globe as an Aarden bastion.


On the classics he made furor. His Witstaart became 1st National Ace pigeon on Barcelona over four years 1998-2002. Victoria first became 7th National St Vincent (NPO, 2004) followed by 1st National St. Vincent (NPO, 2005). His Husky became 1st International Ace Pau 1998-2002 and his Black Magic

Woman 1 st National Ace Pau 2004-2006 !


The 15 pigeons that Jan became in 1985 by Jac Steketee from Bruinisse were each fertilized by the top of the Steketee loft based on pure Aarden x van Wanroy and formed the fundament of his todays strain. Based on the pigeons that were born out of these eggs, only after just a few years Jan concurred very high scores on the morning released Marathon flights organized by the ZLU. Prizes like 3th National Barcelona, 5th and 9th National Marseille, 8th National Perpignan and 9th San Sebastian were won just like that!





The following pigeons form the basis of his


De 106

De Batenburgduivin

De Zwarte Wolters

De 90

De Witstaart

De Husky

De 64


Some other important pigeons: 't Elfje, Delta King, 't Goudklompje, Eric, de 10, de 107 en de 111. These pigeons form the bais of our Polder strain.


De 106: direct Jac Steketee and 100 % Jan Aarden. De106 is father to Victoria


De Batenburgduivin (granddaughter Witbuik) is mother to Victoria and Husky. She originates from the Jan Aarden colony of Bas Batenburg and son.


De Husky: 1st International Ace Pau 1998 - 2002. 35e, 82e, 112e en 289 Pau.


De Witstaart: Winner Golden Barcelona pigeon ZLU 1995 - 1997 (1st National Ace Barcelona, 3 year calculation) as she won: 28th, 67th, 215th and 1711th Barcelona; 345th Perpignan en 322th Bergerac.


De Zwarte Wolters is father to Black Magic Woman and a full brother to the 4th nationaal Barcelona. De Zwarte Wolters originates from the late Jac. Wolters of Haler Hunsel known by his Aarden x Catrijsse strain.


De 90 is a full sister of 't Kampioentje, which is a superb breeding hen as well as 1st Provincial Ace extreme long distance racing. She became mother to De 239: 115th and 205th Perpignan, 136th Dax, 375th and 815th Marseille 588th Pau, 827th Barcelona and 90th Bordeaux.


De 64 is grandfather to Rainbow Warrior which won 3th and 7th Nationaal St. Vincent as well as 8th Nationaal Mont de Marsan (3 x teletekst).





De Dochter Husky vormt inmiddels samen met een zoon van Het Neerbosje een zeer belangrijk kweekkoppel!


Directly bought and inbread offspring

Direcly bought Polder pigeons:


In 2003 the following pigeons were bougt as youngsters:

  • 03-1084290 Zoon Husky
  • 03-1084289 Dochter Husky
  • 03-1084286 Dochter Inteeltwitstaart
  • 03-1084279 Zoon Batenburgduivin
  • 03-108420 Dochter Batenburgduivin
  • 03-108287 Dochter Zwarte Wolters
  • 03-1084288 Dochter Delta King
  • 03-1084277 Vroegindeweijtje 277
  • 03-1084278 Vroegindeweijtje 278

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