Combination Klip-Verhagen



Postduiven voor de marathon van het luchtruim

Klip-Verhagen Rotterdam



The combination was formed after many succefull years on the program races. Since they were in the possession of pigeons of Marcel Braakhuis (Aarden and Stichelbout), A.P. Overwater (Aarden), Thei Hermans and Neerbos and Son. Soon after their combination started they won quite a few prizes and became National winners:

1st National Champion midday released marathon (NPO)

1st National Champion (category 3) Fondspiegel


The combination was formed in the 1990 and lasted until 2011. Since the start numerous prizes were won like 24 st National Bergerac against 20.350 pigeons and 4 th National against 10.640 pigeons.

In 1996 they won 1 st National fastest in line and 4 th National Cahors as wel as fastest series 2.

De Oude 11 NL87-2022511 is a 100 % Marcel Braakhuis and together with his sister De NL92-1145098 formed the basis of their strain. De 098 hen won:

89e Nat. Dax 5315d, 159e Nat. St-Vincent 8799d, 249e Nat. St-Vincent 8556d, 295e Nat. Bergerac 16.434d.

Other important pigeons:

  • De 42
  • Franssie de 85
  • NL 92-1144968
  • Kevin (Super trio)
  • De Super 109 (Super trio)
  • De 083 (Super trio)
  • Het Neerbosje
  • Moordenaar 32
  • Leilei





De 06-1943418 together with a doughter of De Husky already produced :

  • Succesje. 618e 18023 d. Bordeaux NPO 2009 (1 race and directly kept for breeding). Mother of 09-441 681e 4504d. Nat. Bordeaux ZLU 2011, 09-472 990e Nat. Perpignan 4504 d. 2011
  • Kweker 108. 689e 4504d. Nat. Bordeaux 2011 together with daughter Leilei father of De 09-465 351e Nat. Bordeaux 2011
  • Kweker 109. 702e Nat. Cahors NPO 2011 3788d. Oost Brabant . Father of 09-463 992e 4978d. Nat. Perpignan 2013
  • Kweekster 08-449 . Direct kept for breeding



Directly bought and inbread offspring

Direcly bought Klip-Verhagen pigeons:


In 2006 en 2011 en 2012 werden een aantal duiven aangeschaft waaronder:


  • 01-1862500 Leilei

Kevin x De 083

  • 06-1943401 Zoon Calvin

Calvin x Pearl

  • 06-1943405 Zoon Altor

Altor x Leilei

  • 06-1943418 Zoon Neerbosje

Johnny Boy x Neerbosje

  • 06-1943409 zoon Vale Dirk

Vale Dirk x De 012 van AP

  • 08-1518218 De Super 18

Klz. Rambo Barcelona

  • 06-1943205 De Turk (ZLU asduif R'dam)
  • 08-1518209 Stephano

Zoon Santino (Johnny Boy x Neerbosje) Acht.kl.kind 1e Nat. Perpignan (Bakker en zn)

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